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Find the Perfect Statement House Plants

With people taking closer stock of their décor these days, the house plant is having a moment. In 2023, expect to see a lot of large statement and low-light plants. Greenwich has been home to Sam Bridge Nursery & Greenhouses for nearly a century. Here, large statement plants like Bird of Paradise and fiddle leaf figs have been best sellers but “there are a few trends circulating that are worth a try and can be easily tailored to any space,” says Maggie Bridge, partner and manager of sales and marketing at Sam Bridge.

“My favorite incorporates unexpected colors and textures into your plant palette. People are gravitating toward selections that, instead of typical green, are showcasing beautiful blue, variegated (green with white) or even pink hues. These colors make your room come alive.” Also on trend: aroids like philodendron, pothos and alocasias. “They come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and styles,” adds Bridge.

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