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Hoffman Landscapes: A Full Service Team

Hoffman Landscapes’ award-winning team specializes in complete property management, landscape architecture, and outdoor construction. We talked to Brian Cossari, a Professional Landscape Architect at Hoffman who is licensed in CT as well as NY.

What inspires you? Seeing people move through and use a space. As a landscape architect, I am constantly observing the use of spaces and design to learn what works and what does not. My goal is to create a comfortable space that is efficient, interesting, and functional.

What three pieces should every home have? A dream, a plan, and a project! The dream is the client’s visions, goals, or wishes. This might be ‘I’d like to have a space to entertain more’ or ‘I wish I could entice my kids off their video games to play outside.’ The plan comes from working with a professional to determine how to best achieve those goals. The project happens when the client and professional align with a team to start building, essentially bringing the dream to life.
Hoffman Landscapes
Where do you most like to invest/splurge when decorating a home? I often encourage my clients to splurge on the unseen details. By spending a little extra on concrete footings, foundations, and proper soil depths, you’re investing in the confidence that your finished product will stand the test of time.

What one element do you think no design can do without? If a client is going to invest in a new design, they’d be doing a disservice if they didn’t include night lighting. It’s rare that we get to enjoy the exterior of our home during the daylight. A well-laid landscape lighting plan can create soft elegance while providing safety and atmosphere.

Can you name a common design mistake you’ve seen and how you correct it? Not starting with a professional landscape architect. Take the time to research your consultant in advance and make sure they are experienced and qualified enough to execute this substantial investment in your home.

What’s your favorite room to design? The place where all social activities begin and end—outdoor living rooms! Furnished with some comfortable outdoor sofas, they are so relaxed and versatile. It’s the perfect place for cocktails with friends.

Hoffman Landscapes: 647 Danbury Rd., Wilton, CT, 203-637-1131


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