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Shoreline Pools: The Largest Pool Company in the Northeast


Shoreline Pools is the largest pool construction and service company in the Northeast. With over 40 years of experience, the company has honed its craftsmanship and customer service and is dedicated to bringing the newest, safest and most luxurious pools to clients’ backyards.

What particular aspect of your business inspires you most?
We are inspired by finding new ways for our clients to enjoy their backyards. We design swimming pools, but at the heart of it, they are so much more: vacation getaways, party venues, fitness centers, places for family gatherings, and much more.

Which materials do you work with most and why do you use them?
Swimming pool materials aren’t luxurious in the typical sense, but they significantly impact quality, comfort and style. For plaster, we use an aggregate finish that is extremely durable and streak-resistant. For stonework, most of our customers gravitate toward granite and bluestone for the elegant colors and cool under-foot temperatures.

shoreline-grillWhat are three must-haves for every swimming pool?
A chlorine generator (the technology behind “salt water” pools) for softer, gentler water, a spa for evening and off-season fun and an automatic cover for enhanced safety.

What sets you apart from other swimming pool providers?
We enjoy working on full outdoor living landscapes. Many of our clients come to us thinking about the swimming pool, but what they are looking for is a complete space to enjoy family and friends—outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, and covered patios are just a few of the elements that truly customize a swimming pool environment.

What are your top three swimming pool design “rules”?
1. Take inspiration from the terrain, don’t fight it.
2. Don’t design independently. Work with the home’s architecture and logical indoor/outdoor flow.
3. Know who will be swimming and design to meet their specific needs.

What’s the most common mistake or problem that you see?
We are frequently hired for pool renovations, and the most common problem we see is poor masonry. Not only is it dangerous, it can cause serious damage to your pool and to your property.

What’s the best time of year to get started on a swimming pool?
Construction and renovation projects are underway all year long, but town permitting processes can sometimes take several months. We recommend that our clients begin planning a year ahead of when they want to be swimming.

Shoreline Pools, Inc.
393 West Ave., Stamford, CT
203-967-1203 (Construction)
203-357-1544 (Service)

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