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Sowing the Seeds

Spring means summer gardens can’t be far off. John Carlson and his team at Homefront Farmers in Redding, CT, offer expert advice, and here are Carlson’s go-to tips:

Consider location: “Pick a sunny spot with at least 6 hours of direct sunlight during the growing season,” he says. “You can bring in water, you can amend the soil, but if you don’t have enough sunlight, your garden won’t prosper.”

What to grow when: “People often think of the growing season as stretching from Memorial Day to Labor Day, but that really short-changes what you can grow,” he says. “Plant veggies like spinach and kale from late March through May, then mid-May, it’s summer staples like tomatoes and cucumbers. And in August, it’s back to your cool weather crops, like lettuce.” 

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