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The Three Must-Have Pieces Melissa Hawks Recommends for Your Home


melissa-hawks-portraitFounded by Melissa Hawks in 2001 when she was working as a young advertising executive in NYC, the online home décor resource has grown to source more than 9,000 items and caught attention from dozens of media outlets for her curated collection of furniture and accent pieces. Now, Melissa also sells select accent pieces at her gift shop in Greenwich, CT. Here, she shares a few insights into her inspiration and some buying tips.

What inspired you to launch The Well Appointed House?
I wanted to bring fabulous pieces for the home to the masses, nationwide. I have access to so many beautiful things here in the tristate area, and I love sharing my finds with people all over the country.

What three pieces should every home have?
A beautiful pair of lamps, a special antique or family heirloom that has been passed down, and a pleasant seating area, whether that is a pair of couches or a fabulous sectional.

What design trends are you loving right now?
I am really enjoying the tropical trend since I love warm places and plenty of color!

What inspires you?
A stocked drawer of engraved stationery, porcelain in beautiful colors and patterns to accent your décor, rich fabrics and trims and eye catching wallpapers.

What is your favorite accessory?
I love good lighting! We have the latest in lamps, chandeliers and sconces on our site,

What are your top three buying rules for home décor?
Buy something only if you love it, invest in a few high quality items rather than a lot of cheap things, swap out a few things every year (like pillows) to keep the house feeling fresh.

The Well Appointed House
31 East Elm St., Greenwich, CT

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