Méli-Mélo Catering Manager, Chef Nadia Ramsey, has been with the Méli-Mélo family since 2005. Nadia learned to cook by standing next to her grandmother’s stove, where she watched her whip together rabbit stew, oxtail soup and vanilla pudding soaked in caramel sauce. A native of Belgium, Nadia’s travels throughout Europe, the Barbados and Puerto Rico had a strong influence on her recipes, inspiring her to blend together spices and flavors she discovered around the world. Before becoming the Catering Manager at Méli-Mélo Nadia was an avid equestrian, bought horses in Germany and reenacted battles on horseback in France. When she moved to North Salem she enjoyed Fox Hunting and Hunter Paces competitions. Nadia is known today for her whimsical crepe parties and special event menus with a loyal clientele based throughout Westchester and Fairfield Counties. Referring to herself as “The Happy Belgian, Nadia finds it most gratifying to explore her creativity in the kitchen and prepare delicious food.