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Prosecco, Limoncello and Basil Cocktail

Limoncello spritz 

This light citrusy spritz has been popping up all along the coast over the past decade, particularly in Sicily. Apart from being a beautiful color and wonderfully refreshing, it’s also a good way to use up prosecco or limoncello, which I often have lying around. It’s important to get the balance right—too much limoncello will make it too tart and alcoholic; what you’re aiming for is a subtle citrus note within a glass of dry prosecco. Now that I’ve discovered how easy and delicious it is to make homemade limoncello I’ll often use my own here, but store-bought is also fine. My only word of caution would be to add less as it can taste more synthetic and throw the balance off; start with half the amount recommended below and taste before adding any more to make sure it’s not too sweet. – Amber Guinness

PREPARATION: 5 minutes 

  • ice cubes, to serve 
  • handful of basil leaves 
  • 90 ml (3 fl oz) homemade or shop-bought limoncello 
  • 1 bottle good-quality dry prosecco 
  • soda water, to taste 
  • 6 lemon slices 

Fill a glass with plenty of ice and a few basil leaves. Pour over 15 ml (½ fl oz) of limoncello, followed by about 125 ml (4 fl oz) of prosecco and a splash of soda water. Gently stir to combine. Add a slice of lemon to the glass and garnish with a few more basil leaves. Repeat to make six cocktails (or increase the quantities and make as many as you like).


WHITE SPRITZ: Pour prosecco over ice. Add a splash of soda water, a strip of lemon peel and a sprig of mint.

SPRITZ ALLE MORE: Place a scoop of blackberry granita in a glass and pour over an equal measure of prosecco.

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