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For the Love of Water

Shining Sea Water Pants

September doesn’t mean the end of water activities, so add a little punch to your water wardrobe. Check out Shining Sea Sports, a clothing line that launched in May 2019, for swimwear and something to slip on over it. “We found that while performing water sports, swimming in the lake, or sitting at the water’s edge, we were looking for something sporty and functional, yet fashionable,” says co-owner Heather McInerny, who founded the brand with her sister Jennifer McDonnell, a Greenwich, CT resident.

The NYC-produced line includes rash guards (featuring a higher collar and deeper zipper) and bathing suits, as well as leggings, a terry blazer—which was inspired by their father’s favorite terry blazer—and more. “The terry pieces are the perfect layer for cool nights as we transition to fall, or for those breezy afternoons on the lake fishing with the kids,” says McDonnell.

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