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Bringing Farm-to-Table to a Whole New Level at The Lodge at Woodloch

There are lots of features that make a destination worthwhile for foodies: The use of fresh, local ingredients, a talented chef, and of course, delicious food, to name a few. And The Lodge at Woodloch, an all-inclusive luxury wellness resort in the Pennsylvania Poconos does just that—plus takes it one step further, immersing guests in the culinary experience with everything from activities at Blackmore Farm, their on-site organic garden, to classes to multi-course meals. 

“I think, more than ever before, people want to know how their food is grown and where it is coming from,” says Rory O’Fee, the resort’s director of marketing. “Wellness is not just about what goes into our bodies but also how it gets there. We certainly noticed this was the case with our guests. And, of course, our farmers, with their many years of experience, have always been invested in this.” 

Now one of the foundational aspects of the culinary offerings, Blackmore Farm started as just a small courtyard herb garden about ten years ago. At the time, guests loved walking through the garden and the chef loved taking the herbs back to the kitchen and using them in various dishes, says O’Fee. 

“Our philosophy at The Lodge at Woodloch is to allow nature to nurture, but we also allow our staff to nurture our experience offering,” he explains—and when the suggestion was made to expand, and the land and resources were there, they decided the time was right. 

These days, the resort has around 8 acres of land between gardens, high tunnels, an orchard, mushroom blocks, and a tea garden—with expansion continually in their sights.  

Creating a Farm Team 

Also key to the garden’s success: A talented farm team. That includes Derrick Braun, nicknamed the ‘Farm-icist’ and Sam Lindenmuth (‘Dirt Doctor’), who are now joined by Special Experiences Chef, Kate Woehrle, who works with both the farm and the kitchen to showcase the garden’s bounty.  

“Sam and I employ a very diverse style of farming that is unique and special: regenerative, biodiversity farming. This allows complementary crops to grow with each other rather than in tight and neat separated rows,” explains Braun. “We grow natural pest repellent plants, or we line the perimeter of the garden with pest-friendly foods, which keeps the ‘pests’ happy, and keeps them out of the rest of the garden—feed the earth first. If we like something, we let it grow and spread, if not, we take it out. It makes for a messy looking garden to the untrained eye, but for us it offers a beautiful symphony of growth.”

The team—and the resort at large—are committed to a simple philosophy of ‘give before you take.’ “We also offer so much versatility when it comes to the fruits of our labor at the farm. Our produce is not only served in the dishes in our restaurant, but is also used in our spa treatments, art classes, and our décor around the resort,” says Braun. 

And that commitment extends to the guests themselves. “Derrick and Sam will often spend hours chatting with guests about how to take their knowledge and transfer it to the home gardens of our guests,” says O’Fee. “Correspondence, in some cases never ends. They have kept in touch and frequently receive emails from past guests months, even years later, looking for advice to sharing updates on their progress. It’s really something unique.” 

To continue that, this summer, they’ll be launching garden consultations, which can be added to your Lodge stay. Along with that, the garden also “plays host” to lunches, dinners, fitness classes and tours. 

Can’t Miss Foodie Events and Activities 

What to know more about those lunches, dinners and classes? Here are a few favorites: 

Garden Dinners.

We’ve switched up the typical farm-to-table model by bringing the table to the farm,” says O’Fee—which means that you get to enjoy a two-hour meal at Blackmore Farm itself. “These dinners are offered seasonally and provide a multi-course tasting experience led by one of our talented chefs. In keeping with our ethos of ‘growing together – sharing together’, guests are seated at a large communal table under a canopy overlooking the farm.” 

Farmer’s Lunches.

Similarly, they offer Farmer’s Lunches, where the farmer-made meal is prepared with ultra-fresh (possibly even picked that morning!) ingredients. 

Tastings and demonstrations.

Always using farm-fresh ingredients, guests can enjoy a food/wine tasting or watch cooking demonstrations two times a day in the Chef’s Kitchen. One example: a Wine & Herbs Wine Tasting that pairs a visit to the Tea House Herb Garden with wine tasting.  

Classes & Talks.

There are a huge variety of activities held every day at Woodloch—and that includes a few that take place at Blackmore itself. Depending on when you visit, these farm-held classes can include yoga, meditation/breathwork, tea making or more unique classes, like how to make garden-infused oils using plants and flowers from the farm. 


One of the best ways to fully understand the farm—from what it does in terms of sustainable growing practices to the grounds themselves, is to opt for a tour, which run most weekday afternoons. 

To learn more about the resort, where rates start $539 per person (per night, based on double occupancy), visit


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