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Artist Barbara O’Shea Photographic Journey

Artist Barbara O'Shea at Greenwich Art to the Avenue

As a child, Barbara O’Shea spent years chasing after family members and the family dog to capture the moment on film. “The beauty of my grandparents’ Ohio farm as well as the seashore where I grew up captured my imagination and presented me with an endless array of subjects to photograph,” says O’Shea. She studied photography at the Maine Media Workshops and the International Center of Photography in NYC and has spent much of her adult life looking for everyday moments that tell a story. “It’s people and their daily lives and routines that I am drawn to,” she says. “The next face or figure can always be found around the bend.”

The Piece: Center Stage Biennale, digital print on acrylic, $675
Inspiration: O’Shea was on a trip to Italy with the Greenwich Arts Council when she captured a group of young school children with their teacher sitting below a neon installation. “The contrast of the vibrating colors and serene repose of the children gave the photo life,” says O’Shea. She predominantly works in black and white but chose to have this image printed in color on acrylic to accent the drama. Find It: Farrow & Ball, 32 East Putnam Ave.

This year’s 19th annual Art to the Avenue runs from May 5 to May 30th. Judges included Robbie Kestnbaum (VP of the Greenwich Arts Council), Fereshteh Priou (artist & executive board member GAC), Dorianne Samuels (Bendheim Gallery Curator), Tatiana Mori (Bendhem Gallery Curator), Dinyar S Wadia (Principal and founder of Wadia Associates, LLC) Lisa Meipala Kennedy (Editorial Director, Serendipity), Francesca Pacchini (Deputy Art Director, Serendipity)

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