Artist Among Us: Sculpture Creator Jesse Ensling

Art History: While art was always an interest of his, Jesse Ensling didn’t discover his natural talent for three-dimensional work until college. He studied at Stagio Stagi Institute in Italy through an exchange program of the Columbia Teachers College, focusing on marble sculpture. “I came home with a ton of marble and a passion for carving,” says Ensling. His current seashell collection is an homage to his favorite place: the beach. “I’m choosing quality stones and using the best equipment I can afford to bring out the best in the stone and my design and concept of my series,” he says.
The Piece: “Blue Whelk Shell,” blue calcite marble, $20,000,
Inspiration: These days Ensling doesn’t have much time to spend at the beach, so he brings the beach home, frequently creating shell sculptures. “I guess this is the next best thing to have around me—all the things that remind me of the places I love,” he says.

From May 7 to 29, Greenwich Arts Council turned Greenwich Avenue into a walking museum via Art to the Avenue, for the 18th year in a row. Local businesses hosted works from more than 120 unbelievably talented artists, six of which were singled out by our judges.
-PHOTOGRAPHS by Bruce Plotkin

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