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Building On Our Community’s Future

Hobbs Inc

For over half a century, HOBBS, INC., a family-owned business, has been building luxury houses for satisfied area clients and giving homes to those in need, including veterans and other deserving families.

For the past 58 years, the New Canaan-based general contracting and construction management company, Hobbs, Incorporated ( has specialized in custom residential building throughout Fairfield and Westchester counties and the surrounding areas. Fifteen years ago, the Hobbs Care ( division was launched to focus on home maintenance including remodeling and renovations.

What charities have you supported and focused on over the years? Our company culture has the highest respect for the sacrifices and service of our Military and we build homes for veterans in need through Building Homes for Heroes. It was an excellent match and great source of pride to our employees as it reinforced our company culture. And late in 2014, one of our architects and friends asked us to get involved in an episode of “George to the Rescue.” The episode was to document a renovation of a space within the home of a family with a special needs child. Our project was to create a new space to help this child with physical therapy and other treatments. As a company that works in high end construction our employees and subcontractors all felt great pride in doing good construction work in their modest home and to see that work provide so much help and relief to this family. We donated all of our company resources and much of the materials. All of our subcontractors did their work for free as well.

Why is charity such a crucial part of your business? It is very inspiring to see the satisfaction on the faces of our employees. Our team really made a bond with a veteran whose house we built and for the family from George to the rescue. We construct huge structures  using the most exotic materials but the projects we did to help these folks seemed to be the most memorable.

Can you please describe a highlight of your charitable work? In both cases we all got very excited when the families were going to have the project revealed to them. We all  felt a warmth from doing something good for someone in need.

What is the most surprising effect philanthropy has had on your or your business?
We run a very successful operation and are fortunate to have a profitable business. It is always gratifying to see the satisfaction our people get from participating in a not for profit activity. We think it creates a healthy balance and feeds our positive culture.

To find out how to donate time and/or money to Building Homes for Heroes or get more information on “George to the Rescue,” visit the websites below.

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