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Workout at home with JoyRide

Joyride riding cycling bike

Over the last nine years, the team at JoyRide Cycling & Fitness Studio has been building a loyal community in Connecticut and Texas. Rhodie Lorenz (co-owner, co-founder, creative director and lead instructor) shares their latest product and her tips for starting—and sticking to—a high-quality exercise plan that works for you.

Why do you think cycling has become popular in recent years? 

Cycling is such an integral part of staying fit because it is accessible to all fitness levels and ages. It’s nonimpact and you can go at your own pace. Additionally, you never plateau, there is always another level of resistance you can build. Riders continue to see progress and results consistently. I also believe that cycling is a perfect metaphor for our lives. We control the effort we put forth in the face of challenges and we practice getting up and starting over again and again. This undoubtedly makes us stronger. When practiced in community, we stay accountable, fulfill a social need, are pushed beyond our own limits, and feel less alone. 

How will your new app, JoyRideGO, add to the overall experience you offer?

While there is no substitute for being in-person, we have made our online classes personal and creative. You won’t find anything cookie cutter or scripted. Our instructors’ program all their own workouts, are authentic with lots of personality and have always delivered challenging classes while infusing the intensity of the workout with fun, humor, and, of course, joy. Ultimately, we want participants to feel strong, but also capable of going for their goals and overcoming their obstacles off the bike and the mat. 

Are there ways to use both the app and in-person studios to create an ideal workout?

Yes, yes! We believe that variety and diversity are essential for staying engaged in your workouts. You will see greater results and you will likely stay more motivated. Since we don’t offer yoga in-studio, this is a great addition to do at home. And while working out at home is convenient and maybe more efficient, the group energy is highly contagious and social. So, we always want to see our community in real-time and in-person whenever we can. We hope our app is a supplement to those who Iive locally and an opportunity to join us for those who have moved away or live on the other coast, like my sister Chantal who rides in her Oakland basement with us.

Can users create a custom workout schedule for themselves using the app?

Since we have a variety of workouts, they can readily incorporate cardio, strength, and flexibility in their workouts. On days where they have less time, they don’t have much excuse to not fit it in. You can always incorporate a 15- or 20-minute workout in your day if it’s important to you!

How does JoyRideGO  assist users to create a New Year’s resolution be able to stick to?

There is no secret to a strong fitness program; it is consistency and effort. It’s hard work, but it should also be fun. Make a schedule and stick to it! I always recommend that people pair up or create communities for fitness because it’s more enjoyable. Also, you are less likely to bail on a workout if you know your people are relying on you. Prioritize your health—both mental and physical. Once you get into a routine and reap the benefits of fitness, you will be committed and make it happen.

We also have new content coming out every day. There are ample classes to choose from, and with new classes dropping daily, it is fresh and inspiring, which is important to staying engaged and committed to your fitness. 

What if you’re a beginner when it comes to fitness?

The app is ideal for those beginning a fitness program because it takes the intimidation factor away. For people feeling like they are not “fit enough” (which, by the way, is not a thing!) to step into a studio, getting familiar with the workouts, cueing, intensity, duration, endurance, and strength required can be a big confidence booster. Since we have shorter classes too, it is not required that beginners jump into a full 50-minute class, instead they can build up their time and try out a variety of classes. 

Why does working out with others (virtually or in-person) help to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

I thrive in community and know that we can achieve far more together than we can alone. I have built amazing friendships with the riders, been privy to many of their personal challenges on and off the bike and celebrated lots of milestones at JoyRide with them. I look forward to the challenge of the workout with riders knowing that after the sweat and effort, we let go of some of our stress. While at the same time, we are building our strength to reach our greater potential.

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