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How George McClintock Became a Photographer

Photographer George McClintock

George McClintock says that photography has been a serious hobby for him since age 11, when famed photojournalist Powell Kruger lived in his neighborhood and introduced all the local kids to the dark room. For McClintock, despite the fact that his conservative Midwestern upbringing deterred him from pursuing it as a career (he’s a financial services technologist), the passion stuck. “By the time I was 15, I was reasonably competent and felt it was an art form with which I could really express myself,” he says. But to be a professional photographer, says McClintock, you have to choose a genre, which has proven difficult for him. “I love to take pictures of everything.”

The Piece: Danse Policière, silver gelatin print, $900
Inspiration: After college at the University of Minnesota, the French major moved to Paris where he made a living as a jazz drummer. During his first year in Paris in 1978, he took this street scene. “Probably because of my background, I always imagined myself as a kid with his nose up against the glass,” says McClintock. “I’m [still] looking out and trying to be a part of that world.” Find It: Kate Spade, 271 Greenwich Ave.

This year’s 19th annual Art to the Avenue runs from May 5 to May 30th. Judges included Robbie Kestnbaum (VP of the Greenwich Arts Council), Fereshteh Priou (artist & executive board member GAC), Dorianne Samuels (Bendheim Gallery Curator), Tatiana Mori (Bendhem Gallery Curator), Dinyar S Wadia (Principal and founder of Wadia Associates, LLC) Lisa Meipala Kennedy (Editorial Director, Serendipity), Francesca Pacchini (Deputy Art Director, Serendipity)

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