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Jeff Glor On His Broadcast Career and Balancing Family Life

Jeff Glor

When Jeff Glor showed up as a freshman at Syracuse University in 1992 he planned to follow a pre-dentistry program. “My grandfather and uncle were both dentists, so it made sense,” says Glor. “But then I took my first chemistry class and realized that this was not for me.” Glor, who loved newspapers and sports while growing up in a suburb of Buffalo, NY, ultimately graduated with a dual major in economics and journalism; he even snagged the coveted Henry J. Wolff prize given to the communications student who was “most proficient in journalism.”

After graduating, Glor set out to pursue a broadcast career. “I think my parents would tell you that they believed that I might always do this, but I didn’t know that,” he says. What nobody could have foreseen was that Glor would not only stick with journalism, but also rise to the pinnacle of the profession. In October 2017, Glor followed in the footsteps of such household names as Tom Brokaw and Dan Rather when he was named anchor of the CBS Evening News.

Glor had worked at CBS for a decade, including stints as co-anchor and newsreader on the Saturday Early Show; he took home an Emmy Award for his work on CBS Sunday Morning. But he admitted that this felt different. “I think a few nerves are good because it shows that you care,” he says, noting that he hit the ground running right from his December 4 start date. “In my second week we went to Paris to interview the French President, then we were on to wildfires and mudslides in California. Whether it’s a mass shooting or a natural disaster, it’s been very busy.”  Glor balances his work schedule with hanging out at his Greenwich home with his wife, Nicole, a nutritionist and personal trainer that he met in college, and their two children: son Jack, 8, and daughter Victoria, 2. “Broadcast is an evolution,” says Glor. “The goal is to get a little bit better every day. It’s the same in life, as a parent, as a son, as a husband.”

In December 2016, the Glors relocated from the Upper West Side to Greenwich, CT. “I don’t miss much about the city,” says Glor. “I like being able to just step out the door and play catch with my son.” These days, the family usually sticks close to home. “Sometimes Nicole wants to schedule a lot of things, but the weeks are so nuts, I’m like: ‘Honey, I just want to veg at home with the kids.’” This means ordering in from Fairfield Pizza and Kira Sushi. When they venture out, the family like the burgers and fish tacos at Little Pub or Boxcar Cantina with the kids. Adds Glor: “The rare times that we have a date night, Nicole and I head to L’Escale.”

Glor admits that he is sometimes recognized on the street in Manhattan and Connecticut. “It’s nice when people in Home Depot come up and say hi,” he says. “It’s fun.”—Olivia J. Abel

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