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Jennifer Graziano of Coxe & Graziano Funeral Home on the Surprising Lessons Learned In Her Emotional Business


Jennifer Graziano (Licensed Funeral Director, Attorney, Radio Host ) learned from her father at a young age the impact a funeral director can have on people during the most trying of times and how much the profession can provide comfort and guidance. She applies that know-how and sensitivity to each interaction with her clients, now that she is at the helm of the family business, offering personalized service to arrange funerals, handling all in-house legal affairs while lending emotional support to her clients.

If you could share one mantra that you live and work by, what would it be?
For me, I’d have to say I live and work by the mantra of, “this too shall pass.”  There’s a point in every person’s life when hope seems lost, the hills seem impossible to climb, and the visions of how we want our life to be are so far from reach. Those moments, however, always pass. There’s always a point where you emerge on the other side of your trials often wondering how you made it through. Remember to always have hope for a better tomorrow.

What is your business best known for?
I’d like to think that my business, as well as my family and I, are known for the difference in how we care for the families we serve. For us, the funeral business is not “cookie cutter.” Each life that was lived was unique and thus deserving a unique tribute upon passing. At Coxe & Graziano, we are known for helping to make the most personal tributes in effort to celebrate a life that was lived. We are a true community resource. With our radio show, bereavement support program, memorial jewelry showcase, newsletter and blog, we are making the uncomfortable topics of life and death more approachable and also creating a valued community resource.

How have you balanced motherhood and your career?
I am blessed to have one child, a 4-year old girl. Single motherhood is tough, but I’m grateful to have my little girl. I’m not sure if you ever achieve a balance between motherhood and career, but you learn to prioritize and somehow make it all come together.  For me, I know my daughter comes first. She is my focus. Admittedly, I haven’t struck the right balance yet, but I’m OK with knowing it’s a work in progress. Those feeling of love and gratitude far outweigh the feelings of stress that come from a full time career.  (Coffee and a good under eye concealer definitely help!)

How do you keep your company relevant in today’s world?
In the funeral business, people wouldn’t think there are many opportunities for growth and trend. However, regardless of your field or industry, there is always a need and opportunity to keep fresh and current. I believe you have to educate yourself in your field and stay on top of new products and services that are offered. You always need to do your homework and know your product fully so that you can better educate your consumer. In addition, through incorporating social media and having a blog, you are not only keeping in constant contact with people but also learning more about the trends that surround you.

Coxe & Graziano Funeral Home: 134 Hamilton Ave., Greenwich, CT, 767 East Boston Post Rd., Mamaroneck, NY, 914-698-5968

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