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Meighan Morrison Shows at Art to the Avenue

Meighan Morrsion at Art to the Avenue in Greenwich

After a year at Boston University School of Fine Arts, Meighan Morrison transferred to Parsons School in New York City to major in illustration. “That seemed practical,” says Morrison. Soon after, she found herself as a single parent supporting two kids, and painting fell by the wayside. Once her daughter entered high school, she picked up a brush again. “I’ve been pursuing it seriously for two years,” she says. She does most of her painting at home in Easton but she recently rented a studio in Bridgeport to accommodate her growing works. “I wanted to do something really large—100 by 60 feet or taller,” says Morrison. Her works tend to focus on color contrast and bare emotion. “It’s a greater challenge for me to find beauty in something simple,” she says.

The Piece: Insurgent, acrylic on linen, $1,800
Inspiration: The action painters of the ’50s and ’60s. “I’m less interested in detail and more interested in shape, impact and movement,” she says. “I love Motherwell, Franz Kline and Pollock—they were revolutionary.” Find It: Richards, 359 Greenwich Ave.

This year’s 19th annual Art to the Avenue runs from May 5 to May 30th. Judges included Robbie Kestnbaum (VP of the Greenwich Arts Council), Fereshteh Priou (artist & executive board member GAC), Dorianne Samuels (Bendheim Gallery Curator), Tatiana Mori (Bendhem Gallery Curator), Dinyar S Wadia (Principal and founder of Wadia Associates, LLC) Lisa Meipala Kennedy (Editorial Director, Serendipity), Francesca Pacchini (Deputy Art Director, Serendipity)

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