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New Cartoon Book from Jane Condon and Bobbi Eggers


Cartoon Nice in BedTwo decades ago, Greenwich, CT-based friends, stand-up comedian Jane Condon and former ad executive Bobbie Eggers, started putting together cartoons based on their witty observations about suburban life (and mutual love of wine). With jokes like “Ever notice the bigger the house, the less the wife weighs?” they were quickly picked up by The Greenwich Post and their column grew a loyal local following. “We just tell the truth. We hold a mirror up to what’s going on—the book clubs, the sports, the fundraisers,” says Condon. Their new book, Chardonnay Moms, is full of the same themes and is finding readers well outside of Fairfield County. “Raising kids has its common ground and shared insanity, no matter where you are and what kind of soccer field you’re watching them play on. Pinot grigio playdates happen everywhere,” says Condon. $16

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