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Sculptor Paige Bradley at Art to the Avenue

Art to the Avenue Sculptor Paige Bradley

As a child, Paige Bradley spent a lot of time drawing with pencil and paper by herself in the mountains of Carmel, CA. One day, when she and her mother went into town, she saw all the art galleries that peppered the village and was inspired by the beautiful sculptures: “I said to myself, I can do that.” During her senior year of high school, she won a wax sculpture contest and was selected to have her work replicated in bronze by an art foundry artist. “I was 17 then, and today I work with the same foundry,” says Bradley.

The Piece: “Ballet International,” artist proof in bronze (last of a sold out edition of 10), $25,000
Inspiration: In 2006, Ballet International commissioned Bradley to create an Oscar-like award for a dancer or choreographer of outstanding achievement. Bradley wanted to capture the movement, power and grace of both a male and a female dancer and have them depicted as equal partners rather than the man lifting the woman. Find It: The National, 376 Greenwich Ave.

This year’s 19th annual Art to the Avenue runs from May 5 to May 30th. Judges included Robbie Kestnbaum (VP of the Greenwich Arts Council), Fereshteh Priou (artist & executive board member GAC), Dorianne Samuels (Bendheim Gallery Curator), Tatiana Mori (Bendhem Gallery Curator), Dinyar S Wadia (Principal and founder of Wadia Associates, LLC) Lisa Meipala Kennedy (Editorial Director, Serendipity), Francesca Pacchini (Deputy Art Director, Serendipity)

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