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Casey Deck & Eddie Prchal’s Block Island Wedding

Casey Deck & Eddie Prchal

The bride and groom of this intimate country chic wedding at a private residence in rhode island chose a location not far from ‘their spot’ on a breathtaking bluff of block island.

Casey Deck & Eddie Prchal
September 19, 2020
Block Island, RI

Casey was in Arizona visiting her sister when her sister introduced her to Eddie. Soon, Casey started bringing him along on an annual summer trip to Block Island with family and friends. That’s when he began joining her in one of her favorite activities while there: taking a run to Mohegan Bluffs, her most-loved spot on the island. “The bluffs are notorious for their long, steep stairs with 141 steps. I always run the stairs before heading back into town,” says Casey. “The first year Eddie and I went to Block Island together, he decided to come with me. He quickly told me he was never going on that run again!” But in the end, he did continue to join her—and the view at the top quickly became “their spot.”

A few years later, it was in this spot that Eddie proposed. (An occasion his brother secretly caught on camera with a drone.) “It was the best day of my life besides our wedding day!” says Casey.

Choosing Block Island for their wedding was a “no brainer” says Casey. But navigating the unexpected curve ball of the Covid-19 pandemic required a lot of thought—and a good Samaritan. Their original venue cancelled on them a month before the wedding. Then, Casey’s father went into the hospital for emergency surgery. “I had a lot on my plate but remained faithful and trusted in God that everything would work out,” says Casey. Her florist offered up her private home for the ceremony and they quickly adjusted their plans to have a smaller, 65-person affair.

The more intimate affair became exactly what they didn’t know they always wanted. Her uncle married them. Her father prerecorded a speech and delivered it to the band so he could be part of the reception and welcome their guests, and he and a few others who couldn’t attend in person watched the ceremony over Zoom. “The most important thing to Eddie and me is that we got to marry each other,” says Casey. “Now that we got to experience having a smaller wedding, we wouldn’t have traded it for anything.”

Photography by Caroline Eliza

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