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Back to School: Pens, Planners and More—For Kids and Adults

September often feels like a fresh start. And what better way to mark the occasion than with some new school supplies—whether your kids are headed back to the classroom or you’re going back into the office. We’ve rounded up a slew of fun and functional accessories like planners, pens and more with both kids and adults in mind.

If you’ve been thinking of getting an electric bike— Radio Flyer’s option, which is for ages 16+ and comes in multiple colors and sizes, is a good choice. Opting for the bundle means you’ll also get the “Kid & Cargo Carrier” on the back, plus other accessories, like a cell phone mount.

Thanks to this cheerful 8.5×11-inch planner, which runs from July 2023 through June 2024, making sure your life stays streamlined and organized (no easy feat!) never looked so cute.

Forget the ice packs: Pop this adorable lunch bag in the freezer overnight (it’s foldable, plus the front and back panels are gel-lined) to help ensure the yogurt and juice you packed stays cool. This version comes in three kid-friendly styles—they have adult options too!—and it’s also made to fit their bento boxes.

One of our 2023 Must Haves, we love the Goal Getter edition of Honey Notes, which are created by Mount Vernon, NY-based poet and writer Shynae Davis and feature sayings like “Honey, Don’t Look Back, Great Things Are Ahead.”

Also motivating? This stylish “Can’t Talk, Busy Manifesting” soy candle, which smells like a mix of spiced apple cider, red currant, cranberry and red wine. Oh and that glitter? It’s plant-based and biodegradable.

Upgrade a boring pen collection with these bright and chic options, which come in a 4-pack and use gel ink.

When it’s time to relax after school, how fun are these hot pink My Little Pony headphones from JLab? Made for the 6-and-above set, there’s also a built-in volume limiter.

When it’s time for a new water bottle, this 32-oz option from MyBevi has lots of great features—from the fact that it’s stainless steel and works as well with hot drinks as it does cold to the way you can customize it with everything from quotes to monograms to zodiac designs.

Trying to figure out your next big move? This 56-page workbook can help inspire you—and keep you organized and on task—with prompts, activities, and more.

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