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3 Southern BBQ Recipes to Try Now 

Craving some Southern BBQ? If you want to try your hand at making it yourself—whether you opt for sides like mac and cheese or go all-in with a whole-hog, the new cookbook, Ed Mitchell’s Barbeque, is a good place to start. 

Ed Mitchell (dubbed “The Pitmaster”) and his son, Ryan, (along with Zella Palmer) not only highlight the recipes that made the North Carolina-based chef famous—including The Mitchells’ Eastern North Carolina Old-Fashioned Whole-Hog Barbeque—but also the father-and-son’s family stories, culture, and traditions.  

Ed & Ryan Mitchell

“More communities need to hold barbecues—to gather people of all faiths, colors, creeds, and political leanings over good food, fun, and conversation,” says Ed. “Historically barbecues have fed Americans both spiritually and physically by pulling down the social barriers we build. This is why I barbecue—this is why I know my work is important, and this is why I wrote this book.”  

Headed to North Carolina this summer? That’s when the pair is set to debut their new restaurant, The Preserve, in Raleigh. (You can also try their line of sauces and rubs). In the meantime though, here are three recipes from the cookbook to try:

Excerpted from Ed Mitchell’s Barbeque © 2023 by Ed Mitchell and Ryan Mitchell. Food & Author photos by Baxter Miller. Reproduced by permission of Ecco, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers. All rights reserved. Author photography with black background by John “Edge” Koladish.

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