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For the Love of Beer

athletic beer

Athletic Brewing Co. was born because, besides my love for craft beer, alcohol was starting to become incompatible with my lifestyle,” says Bill Shufelt, co-founder of Athletic Brewing Company, who had begun to focus more on health and fitness. So he cut it out—but couldn’t find a great replacement. “When I told bartenders I would like to have a non-alcoholic drink, I was handed the same drink menu as a 5-year-old. The options available to me were underwhelming, and I connected the dots between the void and the massive positive impact sobriety had on my life,” says Shufelt. “I was set in motion to create what is now Athletic Brewing Company.”

With facilities in Stratford, CT, and on the West Coast, the company makes non-alcoholic beer in stylish packaging that not only tastes great but also, “are the type of beers that we want to drink!,” says Shufelt. Plus, the company is committed to giving back, with 2% of sales going to protect parks and trails as part of their Two For The Trails program. One to try now: Festbier. “Our Oktoberfest should complement the fall season beer offerings and allow a wider audience to enjoy the celebration, even if they’re in their own home!,” says Shufelt.

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