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Julia Deane: Timing Your Thanksgiving Meal

Julia Deane

Chef Julia Deane offers popular cooking classes through her Culinary Works School, held at the Deane, Inc. studios in New Canaan and Stamford as well as at private cooking parties. She often gives advice on how to host Thanksgiving, but her biggest tip is to properly defrost your turkey. “Purchase it in enough time to defrost in the fridge,” says Deane. Then, follow these tips on getting everything to your table on time—and hot.

Prepare Your Sides Last
“Once your bird is cooked, you can prepare your sides in the oven, while your turkey rests.”

Take Special Care With Gravy
“Preheat your gravy bowls with very hot water before adding the fresh gravy. The gravy will heat all else on your plate.”

Don’t Forget the Pies
“You can put your pies in the oven when you sit down for dinner. The residual heat will gently warm them.”

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