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A New Way to Sweat

Club Sweat class participants

For fitness lovers looking to try a different type of workout, head to Club Sweat in Greenwich, CT. “Club Sweat is a calorie-torching, high-energy group fitness class utilizing a specialized cross trainer,” says owner Laura Laboissonniere. “Our main goal is to make working out fun again. Class is set to upbeat and motivating music and choreographed, so you burn calories quickly and then it’s over.”

The studio offers a variety of different classes—from the traditional 45-minute cardio class to strength training, as well as a beginners intro class. There’s also a new restorative mobility recovery-focused class. “Many people like the cardio high they get from spinning but don’t like sitting in the saddle. Using our cross trainers, the body is in an upright position the entire time, so you are also getting a core workout instead of sitting on your booty,” says Laboissonniere. But you’ll get more than just a workout: There’s also an infrared sauna, which can be booked for two people for up to an hour. “The infrared sauna has so many great benefits such as detox, anti-aging, pain relief and relaxation,” says Laboissonniere.

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