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Workouts That Work Anywhere

Mirror wall app in use

These days there are a slew of apps and at-home resources that make it easy to
squeeze in an exercise session. Here are some ideas:

Wellness on the wall

If you’re looking for a totally new experience, try Mirror. “When it’s off, it’s a beautifully designed full-length mirror. When it’s on, it streams live and on-demand fitness classes in a variety of genres, led by the nation’s top instructors,” says Brynn Putnam, founder and CEO. Dubbed one of the best inventions of 2018 by Time magazine, Mirror’s first retail location is now open in Manhattan.


Streaming + studio time

AKT —which was founded by celebrity trainer Anna Kaiser in 2013—“is a combination of interval, circuit, tone and dance workouts,” says Jonathan Tylicki, director of education for AKT. Clients have the opportunity not only to go the studio route, by visiting locations in NYC, New Canaan, CT, and East Hampton, NY, but also to stream workouts through AKT’s on-demand service, which includes a monthly subscription-based app. “We knew that offering an on-demand, digital service would be perfect for our program, because we can constantly update the workouts, and always keep the content fresh and our clients engaged,” Tylicki says.

The Apptiv App

App-guided activities

“Many people go to Netflix for TV content, and Spotify for their music. Aaptiv offers the same one-stop convenience and flexibility, but for fitness content,” says Tracy Kim, chief operating officer at Aaptiv and a Westchester resident. The app provides audio-guided workouts for everything from yoga to cycling for different fitness and lifestyle levels, with either monthly or yearly subscription options. “We realize that there are already so many barriers people face when trying to work out, so we try to make it as easy as
pushing play,” says Kim.



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