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The Latest Pool Trends



While fiberglass and vinyl liner pools are available, in this area, gunite pools—which are made of concrete—are the most popular, say experts. “A concrete swimming pool allows you to truly customize the design and interior features to ensure your pool fits your personal aesthetics and swimming needs,” says Daniel Kollar, chief operating officer of Shoreline Pools, Inc. in Stamford, CT.


For the last couple decades, rectangular pools with automatic covers have been the go-to, says John Gedney,III, vice president of Wagner Pools in Darien, CT. They can offer peace of mind when it comes to safety, since you’re able to easily cover the pool. (Though still be mindful with small children, cautions Brandon Jones, director of design and partner at Wilton, CT-based Glengate Company.) “The automatic covers also keep the heating costs way down and extend the length of the swimming season,” explains Gedney. Auto-covers come with some limitations, though, including the fact that, aside from some very high-end options, you have to stick with a rectangular shape, says Jones.


For those concerned with the amount of chlorine in your pool, consider this: “The best type of alternative sanitizer on the market these days is an ozone/UV generator,” says Gedney—which cuts down the amount of chlorine and bromine you need to sanitize a pool. “The ozone/UV process happens at the filter equipment pad and no ozone is exposed to the swimmers in the pool,” he says. “It does not feel like a chemical smelling pool when in the water and, after you get out, on your body. It’s just nice, sparkling clean water without the odors.”


“Some of the most requested special features are spas, vanishing edges, sun-shelves, and interior benches,” says Kollar. Plus, outdoor entertaining areas are a must. “Gourmet outdoor kitchens, firepits, and covered pergolas are among the most coveted outdoor living elements,” he says.

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