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Dessert Queen Dana Pollack

When Dana Pollack was in culinary school, she fell in love with macarons. But, she says, “I was so uninspired by the same flavors being offered everywhere. I didn’t understand how so many people and stores could be selling macarons, but weren’t expanding their horizons and thinking outside the box by offering them in flavor profiles that are so nostalgic to American culture.” And that, she says, is how Dana’s Bakery, launched in 2012 as one of the first online-only bakeries, was born.

“The core of everything we do at Dana’s Bakery is focused on coloring outside the lines and thinking outside the box,” she says of the gluten-free and kosher bakery. “I am such a huge foodie and love all things dessert and that drives so much of what I create.”

Now, she’s created her first cookbook, Dana’s Bakery, which includes 100 recipes for everything from popsicles to her signature Mookies, a macaron inside a cookie. Pollack hopes that people are inspired to put their own spin on the recipes. “With detailed instructions and stunning photos, I hope that the recipes feel approachable no matter where the reader is in their baking journey,” she says.

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