Brown Dog Fancy


Founders: Kyle & Sarah Rothschild
Stamford, CT

Kyle Rothschild is a true ideas man: He’s been starting companies since he was in high school. But he never anticipated creating Brown Dog Fancy, his specialty mustard company that’s exploding in popularity. “The mustard thing totally came out of left field,” he says. In fact, Brown Dog Fancy was born from weeknight dinner cooking competitions with his wife. “Sarah started upping her game so I had to come up with some new things,” says Rothschild. The mustards caught on with friends and family, so he decided to run with it. Now, Brown Dog Fancy boasts three organic, non-GMO flavors. Despite the company’s fast growth, Rothschild still works alongside the couple’s two brown dogs, Tug and Charlie, who inspired the company name, and enlists friends to help him at farmer’s markets: “I pay them in dollars, mustard and beer,” he says.

Photograph by Hollie Bertram