Calcutta Kitchens


Founder: Aditi Goswami
Norwalk, CT

As a child, Aditi Goswami would go to bazaars in India to shop for food with her father, and she was cooking entire meals by the time she was 14. “In India, food is the foundation of a healthy family life and community,” she says. When Goswami moved to the U.S. 20 years ago, the mom of two would often cook and entertain. “It was very natural to me,” she says. “I was just doing what I knew.” At the prompting of friends, she began selling chutneys at the Rowayton Farmers Market, where customers requested Indian sauces to take home. “I kept my methods of home cooking but made Indian flavors more convenient for consumers,” she says. These days, her four different sauces are sold at stores and butcheries throughout Fairfield and Westchester counties and are especially great when used in fish, chicken or eggplant dishes. Goswami also continues to do markets: “I love meeting people, and it’s fascinating to hear what they use the sauces for,” she says.

Photograph by Hollie Bertram