Honu Ukuleles


Founder: Michael Antici
Danbury, CT

Danbury native Mike Antici has lived in the Northeast his entire life, but he’s had a special love for Hawaii ever since he and his wife went there on their honeymoon. For their fifteenth wedding anniversary in 2010, he decided to pick up the ukulele. “I had this vision of myself playing on the beach,” he says. Disappointed by the quality of instruments he purchased, Antici—a computer programmer who also has a background in woodworking and music—starting making ukuleles himself in his home studio. He works with koa wood from the Big Island of Hawaii, and incorporates other materials such as mahogany, rosewood and abalone. His creations, which are sold on etsy, are not only beautiful, but also achieve the perfect intonation. So what does his beloved wife, the one who was the inspiration for it all, think? “She thinks I’m crazy,” Antici says. “She calls herself a ukulele widow or a woodshop widow because I disappear for hours making them.”

Photograph by Hollie Bertram